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Qur’anum Majid: Translation and Tafseer

Maulana Farid Uddin Mas’ud ● Kalu Atatkhiqu neither huujawa: They said you, have you taken us as masks? Questioner sound, what? Tattakshiyu: Taken. Second man Current and future action muarera ‘. The kariyam al-‘Itikhazu ‘caught. Made of ‘No’ us, good man, plural, and mutfasil pronounced pronoun. Mufful or activist. ‘Hujua’ is a mosquito. Masdar or kraimul, maskar, joke

Kala Auzubillahi Anaquna Minal Jihilin: He said, ‘Auzu Bilah, I remember Allah, from the inclusion of the foolish. ‘Al Jazeen’ fools Plural, the word ‘min’, because of the previous word ‘min’ has been done. The algebra of ‘Al Jahlun’ is mainly of al-jaaliun.

The verses 72 and 73 next have indicated that during the era of Prophet Moses (peace be upon him), a person of Bani Israel could be killed while he was killed. His killer was unaware. Meanwhile, they were confronting each other. At last, Moses requested the Prophet Moses to identify the killer. The Prophet Moses (peace be upon him) ordered the dead person to touch one of his limbs after ordering them to slaughter a cow. The cows were very sacred and worshiping gods to the Egyptians. It has also been influenced by the Aikida Biswas of Israel, which has long lived with them. As a result, they were surprised to get this instruction. They did not understand what to do to kill the cow god by identifying the killer. So they first thought that Moses, like the cow, killed the worshipers, the Prophet Moses (peace be upon him) was mocking them. They could not think that a prophet can do masks with the permission of Allah. To hear the comment, the Prophet Moses (peace be upon him) had nothing to say except Nahub-i-Allah.
However, seeing the firmness of the Prophet Moses, they realized that there is no other way to address the matter without sacrificing cow. In reality, the matter was addressed – they did not seem to be sincere about it. But they got bogged down by the question. So they kept on shouting their habits and raising questions about the cow and making smokes. The more questions they raised, the more complicated the matter was complex.

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