October 20, 2021, 12:18 pm

The fool says there is a link to the sea under the jamjam

Patheo Report: The Prophet of Ibrahim A, peace be upon him, described the miracle of God as a miracle, and commented that Bangladesh Jamaitul Ulama’s Chairman and historical Imam Shaikhul Hadith Allama Farid Uddin Mas’ud, Historian Shaolakia. He said that fools can not be known by Allah. His miracles can not be comprehended too. Abe Zamzam is a sign of Allah’s mighty power. The stupid thinks – its relationship with the sea.

Allama Masumad said that Ka’braprum is growing only day by day, as long as Kabab approaches, Kabapram continues to grow beside the mosque, the mosque nawahishi, and the charm of Rauza Mubarak continues to grow.
He said that once Hajj is done in the life, the believer Kaabaprame continues to grow, he said, Hajj is an act of physically-manual labor. Still, Momin’s interest in this period continued to grow.

Allama Mas’ud said this about Friday 7th September, 2018 on Friday.

Edited: Masudul Kadir

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