October 23, 2021, 5:42 am

Jamiatul Ulama training workshop on Saturday morning

বাংলাদেশ জমিয়তুল উলামার লগো

Patheo report: Bangladesh Jamiatul Ulama will be conducting a training workshop at Dhaka auditorium in Khilgaon, Dhaka. It will be the key speech of the Chief Guest, Bangladesh Jamiatul Ulama, Chairman of Befakul Madarindeeniniia Bangladesh and grand Imam Shaikhul Hadith Allama of historical Sholakia, Farid Uddin Mas’ud. Apart from this, the top scholars of the country will be present.

On Friday afternoon, Bangladesh Jamiatul Ulama, a press release sent to the media office of Dhaka city’s central office said this information.

Bangladesh Jamiatul Ulama Dhaka Metropolitan General Secretary and Principal of Ikra Bangladesh Maulana Sadruddin Makonun said, InshaAllah, important training workshop of Jamiatul Ulama will be held on Saturday 17th November. The leading people of the zamite will be present.

Asked what will be discussed in the meeting, Maulana Maqnun said that this is just a training workshop. It will discuss a number of topics.
Calling upon the responsible people of the Dhaka city corporation, he said, “Come on, let’s come.” To work socially, we have to understand the work. Social work is more important than politics.

On 11th August 16th, on Thursday, August 11, the historic Sholakia Eidgah’s grand Imam Allama Fareed Uddin Mas’ood, under the supervision of Ekalakh Mufti, Ulama and Aimma, collected terrorism and anti-militancy-related human welfare, the fatwa of peace in the hands of the Honorable Prime Minister of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh on the occasion of ‘Terrorism and militancy in the eyes of Islam And our doings’ titled Bangladesh Miyatula scholars at the conference organized by the scholars pointed out that recognition of dying Muhammad Mas’ud secondary syphilis in a coma. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said on the assurance of recognition of the Qawmi Madrasa Charter with those who will come forward, that we have formed the Quawmi Madrasah Education Commission to recognize the Qawmi Madrasah.

Regarding the implementation of the Quami Madrasa Charter in the context of Allama Farid Uddin Maswad’s demand in the conference, the Prime Minister said, to give the certificate, there is a minimum curriculum required. We formed the Quawmi Madrasah Commission. But five boards of Quami Madrasa could not agree. Everyone agrees or the interested people are agreeing, we will start implementing them.

It is to be noted that every member of Bangladesh Jamiatul Ulama has to keep this power in his chest, that Jamiatul Ulama is an organization on paper. This organization is successful. An organization showing the path by implementing the work. In the case of anti-militancy, implementation of the education council, they will stand beside the people in such a way.

Edit: Masudul Kadir

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