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Wonderful Model of Smooth Transformation of Regime Power is Oman

Wonderful Model of Smooth Transformation of Regime Power is Oman

Farid Uddin Masoud :: Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim. Embellished with natural beauty The Sultanate of Oman positioned in the south-eastern part of Arabian Peninsula is one of the peaceful and prosperous countries in great Muslim world. The principal architect and initiator of this enrichment the great Sultan Qaboos bin Said Taymour after serving his country and people about extensive five decades died on Friday, 10 January 2020. Innalillahi wainna ilaihi rajeun.

In the Hadith Sharif comportment and manner of Omani citizens was highly praised. We perceive a number of notable statutes in Oman’s policy system.

The smooth and peaceful transformation of monarchy after death of the emperor is, according to the constitution of Oman if the chief position of monarchy become empty, the Supreme Defence Council discusses the question of succession first. And after discussion with the Royal Family Council (of around sixty members) sanction the undisputed decision. If there any argument, the proposition of the preceding emperor is to follow. The name proposed there finally elect as the successor.

Besides that, after the death of the great emperor Sultan Qaboos the Supreme Defence Council and the Royal Family Council came to a unanimous decision on what the Late Sultan Qaboos proposed; that is our united decision. Through this process within a very short time without any obligation the present emperor the great Sulatan Haitham bin Tariq bin Taymour was sworn in as the new sultan of Oman.

It worth mentioning that, the selection of the great Khalifa of Islam Hazrat Umar (ra.) was also done unanimously through the process of discussion with Sahabas (ra) on the proposed name of Abu Bakar (ra.) as the successor of heir.

The second excellent thing to mention is the burial process of Late Sultan was completed without delay and not waiting for any one. Direction of Hadith is, complete the burial process of a dead body as early as possible. And following this Hadith burial procedure was completed in Oman. But we observe in general after the death of a king or president the burial process delays for waiting of joining the head of state or their representatives to the funeral, which is contrary to the direction of Hadith. Another thing is, not more than three days declared to mourn. It is clear in Hadith.

The relationship between Bangladesh and Oman is deep rooted and inseparable. Many Bangladeshi workers are serving there. The Government of Oman facilitating them recognizable advantages. We do hope that this relationship with Bangladesh will further continue and increase.

We further hope that, during supremacy of the present emperor Oman will set off further development and enrichment. And according to the Quran and Hadith Oman will uphold a bright and pursuable example to the world.

  • Grand Mufti and Imam
    Historic Shoalakia Eidgah Bangladesh.

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