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I write nature, love, sufism and patriotism poems : Adeel Mahmud

Photo: Poet Adeel Mahmud

Patheo Desk :: Adeel Mahmud is a passionate genius poet, translator and a social media enthusias. Adeel’s was born (20 june 1998) in Sylhet, Dhaka, Bangladesh. studied literature at Iqra Bangladesh. As her poems started to appear in various little magazines and dailies, they immediately attracted attention of the poetry lovers.

Adeel Mahmud, emerged as a poet in the early 2015. As her poems started to appear in various little magazines and dailies, they immediately attracted attention of the poetry lovers.

In 2020 Adeel’s debut collection of poems titled ‘Laawaris’ was published. After that, she never had to pause and think about what her future course would be. Speaking about poems Adeel Mahmud said, ‘I write nature , love, sufism, patriotism, and herself in her poems.’

‘The feeling or emotion that drove me to write the poems of my earlier book is still fresh on my mind. I can even clearly articulate the sources of inspiration,’ Adeel added.

Recently Adeel Mahmud has translated a book of poems by Palestine poet Mahmoud Darwish into Bengali. The name of the book `Philistines khoter dinponji’. Adeel has been able to reach Darwish in Palestine by recognizing the country poets. He has started presenting Mahmoud Darwish in a new way in the media.

Masudul Kadir writes on the flap of the book, ‘Adeel has his own possession & technique in translate poetry. Writing in another language, he can express it in his own language in a beautiful & fluent way. As a result, in this translation of his poetry, there is a separate relish & twist. Hopefully, the book of poems `Philistines khoter dinponji’ of this will get a response from the readers. Love & best wishes for Adeel Mahmud & his translated book of poetry.’

In Ekushey Book Fair-2021 Adeel Mahmud’s collection of poems titled ‘Ankabut’ was published. ‘Ankabut’ is now available at different bookshops and online platforms. Razib Datta is the designer of the cover page of the book which was published by Choitonno Prakashani.

Shahadat Jazaman said, `Adeel Mahmud a great-hearted person, unique in friendship and affection. Adeel’s poems are like a meeting point where all things come together. The vignettes of the past and the present, emotion and intellect, myths and reality linked to our political imaginary are found in his works. Because of this, his poems are widely read. Poetry has to be new.’

On the struggle to find a unique voice as poet Adeel Mahmud said, ‘One cannot be different in the beginning. The poems written by the predecessors have to be read, assimilated and the technique of writing poems has to be learnt.’

‘Once a poet begins to write sincerely, a kind of individuality or style or tone of one’s own writing begins to emerge. It is at this stage that a poet realises that she or he has to create a unique tone,’ Adeel explained.

Poet Adeel Mahmud and his 3 book’s

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